Pump theory originated in the early nineteenth

The 21st century, with the “energy crisis” there, fuel prices suddenly rise, improved its efficiency heat pump developed low temperature heat recovery, energy saving features of new stage of history, become the most valuable new energy technologies .

Pump theory originated in the early nineteenth century French scientist Sadi.

Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pump in operation, the evaporator heat from the air in the environment, to draw heat to evaporation refrigerant, refrigerant vapor compressed by the compressor pressure and temperature rise, high temperature steam in the water storage tank through a permanent bond the outer surface of the special circular tube condenser condensing into liquid, releasing heat transfer to the air source heat pump water storage tank in the water. Kelvin) in made early in 1850: Frozen device can be used to heating, followed by many scientists and engineers conducted extensive research on the heat pump to study the continuous 80 years. After the founding of new China, with the arrival of a new wave of industrial construction, heat pump technology was introduced to China. Heat Pump industry in the 20th century, the 40′s to early 50′s rapid development, domestic and industrial buildings use heat pumps on the market for heat pumps, pump into the early stages of development. After the refrigerant condensing heat transfer through the expansion valve back to the evaporator and then evaporated, and so the cycle. The rapid development of heat pump sector, on the one hand due to tight energy saving heat pump makes more and more obvious advantages, on the other hand joined forces with multi-drive industry has a lot of technological innovation. United States, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Korea and other countries have official guidelines issued specifically to promote the application of heat pump technology in the society.

1912 Zurich, Switzerland, in order to successfully install a water pump device as a low heat for heating, which is the early source heat pump system, is the world’s first set of heat pump system.

Air source heat pump heat transfer working fluid is a special material, atmospheric pressure and the boiling point of minus 40 ?, freezing point of minus 100 ? below, the substance is a liquid when cold, but it is easy to evaporate into the air, and vice versa.

International Energy Agency has set up before the international heat pump center, Intelligent All-in-one Condensing unit heat pump set up to promote projects (HeatPumpProgramme), the world’s countries to promote the coordination and development of heat pump technology.

1850, British scientist Kelvin (L..

Since the 70s of the 20th century, heat pump industry has entered a golden era, the world’s research on the heat very great importance, such as the International Energy Agency and the European Community, have developed a large-scale heat pump development plan, emerging new technologies, heat pump, heat pump uses also continuous development, is widely used in air conditioning and industrial fields, in energy conservation and environmental protection plays a significant role. Carnot (Sadikarnot), Kano in 1824 for the first time we propose “Carnot cycle” theory, 30 years later, British scientists Kelvin (L.

Pump started from the beginning of 2001, after five years of cultivation, China began to import on heat pump industry into growth stage. In actual operation, the air source heat pumps refrigerant evaporation heat transfer limit of temperature is about 20 ?, 5 ?, therefore such a low environmental temperature on the temperature is “hot”, even the temperature of snow, for example, 0 ? By contrast is hot, so heat can exchange some. The 21st century, as rapid urbanization in coastal areas of China, per capita GDP growth, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo and other factors driving the development of the Chinese air conditioner market and promote the heat pump is widely applied in China, rapid development of heat pump, heat pump technology of innovation.

Fifth-generation heating system heat pump technology and the environment 1824 French scientists Kano (Sadikarnot) released Carnot cycle theory, the origin of a heat pump technology. Kelvin) proposed reverse Carnot cycle heat pump for heating ideas.

Relative world heat pump development, China started research on heat pump is about 20-30 years later